I have a place that looks out onto the ocean. This isn't some grand palace. It's small, cottege like. I'm able to rent out part of it to artists to work on their craft. So they can focus on the creative work, not be distracted. To have peaceful inspiration.

I chose land with an ocean view because of some art I own. Somehow I have a handful of boat related works.

In my mind they could only be displayed at a place by the water. Silly? Maybe, but that's the kind of weird I am. I also don't live there full time. Adventure calls me to all parts of the world. To climb tall mountains or dive into the depths.

I keep things simple.

My income stems from many different sources, my creativity used as a foundation. From writing (fiction/non-fiction) to art supplies, to apps that I wanted for myself and released it for others to enjoy.

Things change. Interests, thoughts, mindsets change. What hasn’t changed is my drive for adventure. Pushing myself mentally and physically. Seeing and doing things that don’t necessarily fit in a weekend or week long vacation. The other thing that hasn’t changed is my creativeness. The need to create. Anything. Constantly.

* This is my north star. My place where I write out my life as I see it. This guides me. Keeps me on the right path, and helps correct my course if I stray too far.

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